Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ever so tired

Yesterday I had my first proper parent's evening all by myself, and it went really well actually. Except that I ended up being out of the house for about 13 hours all in, so enormously tired, and my inability to deal with any sort of sleep deprivation is incredible. However, having a Chinese tonight as it is my lovely fiance's birthday today so perfect excuse for a takeaway in my opinion.

Thought for the day from a three year old:
'Why is is called a bathroom? It hasn't got a bath in, it should be called the toilet room'
Talks a lot of sense that one.

Today's reasons to be happy:

It's nearly March, which means it's going to be SPRING in just two days! Lots of beautiful flowers and marginally nicer weather, hopefully to be followed by much nicer weather and then Summer! Which means the return of The Summer Wardrobe, dresses, sandals, obscenely enormous sunglasses, hooray!

Slightly a continuation of the previos point, official sunset today is going to be at 5:45 which is virtually 6, which means it won't be long until it starts being light when I get home from work!

I think this one pretty much covers it...
Click it now, thank me later...

Thursday, 23 February 2012

A little bit of sunshine!

Today I asked one of the girls in my class what a lawnmower is for, the response provoked an intense discussion between her and a friend, the outcome being that it is for "lawning" and we have to do lawning because otherwise the grass will get too big and we will trip over it.

I've spent a lot of today preparing for our Open Morning tomorrow, putting up posters to cover blu-tack stains on the walls and undertaking the most gargantuan sticky-back-plasticking exercise ever completed being highlights.

Today's reasons to be happy:

The sun is shining! Isn't it beautiful! According to my weather app it is currently a balmy 13 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Gorgeous. The down side being that it was most definitely not 13 degrees when I was getting dressed at 6:45 this morning, so I ended up in the toilets at lunchtime removing my tights from under my leggings, but I see that as a positive, and totally worthwhile for this beautiful weather due to last for at least one more day.

I found a picture of the tuba playing Ribena berry!

It's almost Friday! and because it's sunny, it feels like Friday anyway. The first wonderfully warm day of the year also makes me think of this song...

The next reason is kind of just for me, but we had Dominos last night, and I was strong-willed enough to save half a pizza... which means Dominos again for me tonight! Ever so exciting.

It is also National Chip Week. I like this, I'm going to slightly modify it to allow for cheesy chips which I plan to have tomorrow. It would be rude to ignore such an enormously significant day.

Tomorrow, is National Wear Red day for the British Heart Foundation. I plan to also honour this (busy day tomorrow) as wearing red will also hide the inevitable ketchup stains from the chips.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

First proper post

Quite exciting.

Firstly must share today's Top Tip from a three-year-old:

"Why aren't there motorbike pictures in the Garden Centre?"

I am not sure why, today's Top Tipper said that there should be because her daddy keeps his motorbike in the garden, and so all things in her garden must, by default, appear in all Garden Centres. Excellent logic in my opinion.

Today's reasons to be happy...

It's Pancake Day today, very much looking forward to this evening as I will definitely be having extra pancakes in place of dinner. I doubt I'll be giving anything up successfully, I'm on a diet as it is and I think that's mission enough for a person of my exceedingly questionable willpower.

This morning I saw the Ribena advert with the little band of Ribena berries and honestly thought I might keel over laughing at the little berry playing the buttercup tuba, going virtually cross-eyed with the effort of the situation. Wonderful, never fails to make me smile

It's 5:14 and it's still conceivably light outside! Hooray! Sandals at the ready, winter is practically over!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Where to start...

Hello there,

Welcome to my blog :) It's looking pretty empty currently, but I spend quite an amount of time reading blogs written by friends and I thought I'd like to be part of this. Have a place to post all my rants and grumbles, pictures of some purchases I'm particularly proud of, and some of the truly wonderful things I hear on a daily basis at work and haven't got a medium to share!