Tuesday, 21 February 2012

First proper post

Quite exciting.

Firstly must share today's Top Tip from a three-year-old:

"Why aren't there motorbike pictures in the Garden Centre?"

I am not sure why, today's Top Tipper said that there should be because her daddy keeps his motorbike in the garden, and so all things in her garden must, by default, appear in all Garden Centres. Excellent logic in my opinion.

Today's reasons to be happy...

It's Pancake Day today, very much looking forward to this evening as I will definitely be having extra pancakes in place of dinner. I doubt I'll be giving anything up successfully, I'm on a diet as it is and I think that's mission enough for a person of my exceedingly questionable willpower.

This morning I saw the Ribena advert with the little band of Ribena berries and honestly thought I might keel over laughing at the little berry playing the buttercup tuba, going virtually cross-eyed with the effort of the situation. Wonderful, never fails to make me smile

It's 5:14 and it's still conceivably light outside! Hooray! Sandals at the ready, winter is practically over!

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