Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ever so tired

Yesterday I had my first proper parent's evening all by myself, and it went really well actually. Except that I ended up being out of the house for about 13 hours all in, so enormously tired, and my inability to deal with any sort of sleep deprivation is incredible. However, having a Chinese tonight as it is my lovely fiance's birthday today so perfect excuse for a takeaway in my opinion.

Thought for the day from a three year old:
'Why is is called a bathroom? It hasn't got a bath in, it should be called the toilet room'
Talks a lot of sense that one.

Today's reasons to be happy:

It's nearly March, which means it's going to be SPRING in just two days! Lots of beautiful flowers and marginally nicer weather, hopefully to be followed by much nicer weather and then Summer! Which means the return of The Summer Wardrobe, dresses, sandals, obscenely enormous sunglasses, hooray!

Slightly a continuation of the previos point, official sunset today is going to be at 5:45 which is virtually 6, which means it won't be long until it starts being light when I get home from work!

I think this one pretty much covers it...
Click it now, thank me later...

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