Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Rather a long weekend

This weekend started with a very long night... I babysat on Friday, starting at 7:30, finishing at 3... Which is rather a long time... particularly as the children were in bed by 8:30!

Anyway, the positives of this meant that the weekend felt much longer, and because of the lovely weather I decided it was time to break out the pastel shades of nail polish and where better to start than with my favourite one of all, Barry M Peach Melba

I love this shade so much! It looks quite pale in the picture but it's actually much more orangey on. Needs two coats, but still lovely.

I also took the opportunity to break out the florals. I have a favourite floral top that I bought in Primark for £6 about three years ago but I plan to wear it until it falls apart. I can't find a proper picture, but the pattern looks a bit like this but the colours are slightly brighter...

The other thing I absolutely love at the minute is Man v Food, the only problem is it makes me despicably hungry, and every time he doesn't make it through a burger that looks like it was made to feed a starving military regiment I can't help but think... I'd finish that. The food all looks so delicious! I'm going to have to go and visit some of these places...

On the subject of men, my personal Man performed quite the heroic act on Friday. At work we have the most ancient bird table, well, calling it a bird table is a bit of a stretch, its a pole with a bit of wood on the top, and we want it taking out, so we can build dens, and it's getting in the way, the groundspeople said that it would be difficult, they'd need a jackhammer etc. it would take a while... Man came in, leaned on it, gave it a wiggle and it was out in two minutes... den building and barbeques just got pushed up the agenda, hooray!

Today's reasons to be happy...

According to my app, sunset today is at 5:55. Almost six, which means it will be conceivably light outside when I leave work! On the same note today the sunshine reached a balmy 13 degrees here, virtually flip-flop worthy.

I learnt a new word today, absquatulate, it means to flee or abscond, and it's a fun one to say

One of the girls in my class called our Music teacher "Mrs Pretty" today. That isn't her name, it rhymes, but it was such a lovely mistake I didn't have the heart to correct her.

This week is National Sleep Awareness week. As such I plan to sleep as much as possible. Respect for the cause.

Anyway, must absquatulate


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