Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bunny bunny bunny!

I hope you all ha a fantastic Easter. I most certainly did. Instead of an Easter egg this year I was surprised with a beautiful little bunny! She was eight weeks old when my lovely fiancé presented her to me, and she's the reason this post is slightly delayed, she's such a distraction, with already a whole array of lovely little habits already.

This was our first Easter away from home so no obligatory egg hunt this year, which was very sad, but still very exciting. What have you all done for Easter?

Also a quick weight loss update, 18lb :) ever so pleased. Its been painfully gradual, about a pound or so a week and there have been times where id have shanked an infant for an entire enormous pizza... But I've not stopped myself having anything, I've just been on a strict count. I can eat whatever I like to make up the calories I'm allowed but then that's it unless I manage to drag myself out for a run! And my BMI is still in the upper half of healthy so don't be concerned :)

I will post about all my lovely new clothes very soon, promise, but I couldn't do a post without making it about my lovely new addition to the family!



  1. omg what a cute surprise!
    lovely blog, now following!
    mantenso xx

    1. Thankyou ever so much :) following back xx

  2. I want a bunny!

    I gave you some awards and stuff :)