Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Firstly a big sorry that this is such an overdue post! I've been on Easter Holidays this week so keeping busy with all sorts of bits I can't do during term time. Fortunately this includes an awful lot of shopping so  lots of things to put in here!

First of all, I had such a wonderful response to the photos I put up last week I thought I'd put a few more up...

 This is my Gerbera. An anniversary present from my lovely fiance, grown back for the second year running by my wonderful Mum who can just grow anything.

 That's it for the flowers, I have millions more but I thought just a selection would do... for now...

These next few are Saltburn beach in the North East of England, it was a freezing windy day spent perched on top of a cliff taking photos... Worth it though for some of these gorgeous ones...

As for my shopping, I haven't had a chance to try it all on yet... So I'll have to take some pictures and upload them soon, I promise.

This week has been ever so hectic, my Mum works in a school as well so we're both off at the same time so we take the opportunity to keep each other busy and spend lots of time together. So far we've been to the Garden Centre, planted lots of flowers, been shopping, been to the doctors, been to the opticians, made lemonade, made apple crumble, been out for lunch and generally updated each other with everything we've been up to this term, and in amongst all this Rachel-Mummy time I'm having to squeeze in half-termly planning for next term and trying to spend as much time with one of my sisters before she buggers off to the Ukraine for the ENTIRE holiday period. 

My parents are celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary over the Jubilee weekend so they're having a little party, so obviously my first thoughts have been along the lines of 'what on earth am I going to wear?!' Shortly followed by a shopping spree and now that dilemma has been sorted by a butterfly playsuit from (picture soon on here and probably on my What I Wore Today...) and although I'll probably change my mind 100 times between now and then, I definitely have plenty to choose from!

I have to have a little rave about my new underwear, I'll post a picture of that too, it's from Debenhams and it's from a range called Floozie by Frost French and it is just the most perfect fit for me, I have trouble finding bras that fit that are a little bit interesting looking but here they are! Unfortunately the collection is quite small at the minute, but I still plan to buy every single one they do in my size...

Have a wonderful Easter my lovely readers and I will post pictures of my enormous haul as soon as I get the chance!

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  1. Just Googled that underwear line, looks so cute! Unfortunately doesn't go up to my size :( Sadface... x