Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Shopping abstinence...

Hello lovelies,

Ever so sorry I have been so poor at posting recently, I've been so busy with work and my gorgeous little bunny I haven't found a moment. That's the bad news, the slightly good news is that I have in fact spent virtually no money these last few weeks, just haven't had a chance to go shopping. My bank balance and wardrobe space thanks me deeply for this, but I can't help but feel once again as I sit in front of my overflowing wardrobe with my head in my hands that I just have NO clothes!

I have been considering having some sort of cull, but on clothing terms I am a serious pack-rat I just hate getting rid of anything. I have a complete 'but-what-if-I-need-that-one-day' mentality... Which is leading to an entire wardrobe and chest of drawers both bursting at the seams...

All this aside, I'm after a handbag. I have several absolutely lovely handbags but I want one to take to work, one that can be bunged in the cupboard amongst the glitter and powder paint and not be worried about so I'm not after spending too much... Any suggestions?

Serious good news though, our lovely little Smart car (Optimus Prime) has officially bitten the dust - that isn't the good part. I will seriously miss him, particularly his £20-a-tank fuel bill. However, this means a shiny new car! That will be SHINY and NEW :D Unfortunately it will also be white, but my fiance picked this and is really excited about it and I don't really care either way so I didn't feel the need to battle that one out. Pics to follow... When it arrives, it has to come from the factory in Germany which means it's going to be AGES.

As I haven't got any new clothes to tell you about, I'll talk about the other love of my life... food. My weight loss hit 20lb this weekend, very pleased. I put this down to the discovery of a new virtually no calorie snack food. Hartley's no added sugar Jelly Pots. At less than 50p a pot and less than 3 calories a pot I could eat 12 pots and still be on fewer calories than a single rich tea biscuit. Absolutely amazing. I love jelly at the best of times, but when I can eat it with NO guilt whatsoever, even following the massive Chinese I may or may not have had last night, it is just Out Of This World. Mt happiness about this has even alleviated my rage at the Pretending-To-Eat adverts...

Hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend :D


  1. love everything! would you enjoy following each other? kisses


    1. Thankyou :) yours is lovely too! now following x