Sunday, 24 June 2012

All over the place...

Wow I have fallen seriously behind... only one post in all of May! Very sorry indeed!

Guess what... Summer is here! It's been beautiful and sunny on several (admittedly quite short) occasions and this is cause for celebration. I've been having such a lovely time of it recently, spent a weekend shopping with my best friend from school which was rather brilliant even though I probably spent rather too much money... yay for Primark! Most of the bits and pieces I got were just generic little things, but I have a particular love item! This lovely little necklace!

And these gorgeous new lashes, pretty huge by my standards, but only for special occasions...
I also got some Barry M black glittery nail polish which I was very excited about but when I put it on it wasn't nearly as glittery as I had hoped, it just looked a bit bobbly and took forever to get off, which is a shame because I am a complete Barry M worshipper when it comes to nail polish. Sad times.

I also now have Twitter! Although I have no followers yet which is quite sad... feel free to rectify this by following me! @rachelrachelcb

Anyway, I promise a smaller gap between posts next time!

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